Order tracking page status shows “delivered” but you did not get your parcel – what now?

Status updated on the tracking website means that supposedly the parcel was delivered, which indicates that the delivery process was successfully fulfilled. If however, you did not receive the parcel to your hands, in the first place we wanted to apologize for that and ask you to check a few more options just to be sure before we take further steps.

There have already been cases like this and usually, it appeared that parcel was received by some family member, employee, co-worker, neighbour or anyone else who also lives, resides or works at the delivery address. Few times our orders were received and then taken by neighbour or family member and then forgotten to forward to the addressee. That is why we wanted to ask you first to confirm for 100% that any of above-mentioned cases cannot be applied in your case.

Please check with all people that may have been present at your address at the mentioned time of delivery. After this – if you will be really sure that the parcel is nowhere to be found – please contact us and we will file a complaint with shipping unit on our side and we will ask you to do the same in shipping unit department in your country.

EXCEPTION: Please note that if you have agreed for the courier to leave the parcel in some “safe” space (like a garden, porch, back entrance etc.) – Beauty Hiddens will not be able to provide any recompensation for any goods which are damaged or lost in such case. We should not be held responsible for any complications if the delivery with a signature required was lifted by the customer.