Lash Extension and Eyelid Cleanser Gel, Makeup Remover with Tea Tree Oil, Eyelash Care Must-Have, 30 ml – EyeCleanse by Dr Chrissie


About This Product :

  • Concentrated Gentle Cleanser for Daily Eye Care – A little goes a long way with our eyelid and eyelash cleanser gel! You’ll only need a pea-size amount of our concentrated eyelid and lash extension cleanser to remove ocular secretions and ease scratchy, crusty and dry eye.
  • Keep Extensions Intact – No need to worry about your extensions coming off when you clean them with this eyelash wash! We formulated our lash cleanser in a unique way that will not break down the adhesives of your extension lashes.
  • Preps Eyelids, Eyelashes and Brows – Use the lash cleanser for extensions to prepare the skin for pre/post eyelash extensions and eyebrow microblading. The tea tree eyelid cleanser also contains and other essential ingredients that remove impurities, leaving you a clean area to work on.
  • Cleans Face Makeup, Brushes and Tools – This eyelid wash and makeup remover cleanser gel effectively removes all traces of makeup, including waterproof and long-wearing products. Aside from cleansing your eye area, you may also use this all-in-one lash cleaner to wipe or wash your beauty tools.
  • Ideal for Delicate Skin – Gentle and effective, the eyelash cleaner gel suits contact-lens wearers and people with delicate skin. Add this tea tree eyelid and facial cleanser to your daily beauty regimen. It leaves your face feeling cool and refreshed without any oily residue. Always rinse after use.

Details :

  • Item Form: Gel
  • Skin Type: All
  • Scent: Tea Tree
  • Material Feature: Hypoallergenic

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