Pieces Chewies Aligner Aligner Tray Seaters Chewies Colourful Aligner Seater Chewies Chompers, 8 Colors


About This Product :

  • Non-slip design: These aligner seater chewies are non-slip that you can chew them in any part of your mouth easily without worrying about them popping out
  • Size: The dimension of the chewies is about 1.4 inch in length and 0.4 inch in diameter, the proper size makes the chewies to fit your mouth and bites effortlessly
  • Obvious effect: The aligner chompers with the comfortable design of scientific, exercise the masseter muscle, effective prevention of teeths caused by braces, makes braces more fit
  • Helpful in daily life: These aligner chewies will help to seat aligners properly and can make an easy adjustment when wearing clear aligner trays, will help to keep face shape during the process and make your teeth fit well
  • Sufficient in amount: The whole package comes with 80 pieces aligner in total, which are available in 8 different colors and flavors, which come with strawberry, mint, unscented, orange, grape, banana, lemon, mango flavors, each color has 10 pieces, enough quantity for you to use or share with your families or friends

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