RP00249 Replacement Shaver Charging Cord for PG6255, HC5950, PF7600 and More


About This Product :

  • COMPATIBLE WITH FOLLOWING MODELS: AQ7, BHT6450, BHT6455, F0050, HC5950, MB040, MB060, MB4900, PF7500, PF7600, PG6170, PG6171, PG6250, PG6255, PR1240, PR1250, PR1260, PR1270, PR1285, PR1340B, PR1342, PR1362, PR1385, PR1387, SF4880
  • WR5100, XF5000, XF8505, XF8550, XF8700, XR1330, XR1350, XR1370, XR1400, XR1410, XR1430, XR1450, XR1470, XR7000CDN
  • REPLACEMENT CHARGER: It is a replacement charging cord for Remington shavers. This charging cord allows you to maintain your clean and confident look even while away from home.
  • KEEPS THE SHAVER CHARGED: It keeps the shaver charged and ready to go so you can have the perfect shave every day (Please see Description below for more information).

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